Have you got a Beehive but just don't know what to do and need some help ? Are you a beginner Beekeeper and need help on how to manage your Beehive colony?

We get heaps of questions from beginner Beekeepers - maybe they are asking the same questions as you?

Questions we have been getting from new beekeepers

….I need some advice on understanding what I am looking at -   what exactly is in a Beehive ? what do I need to know about managing a beehive ?   Have I set up my hive properly ? what should I be looking out for ? what is the best way to deal with aggressive Bees ? I feel overwhelmed when I am looking in my Beehive - how can I make it easier ?  why do my bees keep dying ? what tools will help me when I inspect my hive ?

...Do I have to look inside my Beehive ?  What will happen if I don’t look inside ? What risks are involved with keeping Honey Bees ?  are there any ‘rules’ involved with keeping Honey Bees ? Do Bees get sick ? what exactly is in a Beehive ?  Have I set up my hive properly ? Why do my Bees die ?

This introductory 5 hour Beekeeping Course is based in West Auckland, New Zealand. Please join the waitlist if this is Out of Stock, once we have enough students we will schedule dates for the next course.

Where do I start ? ...start with this course

This simple and informative introductory course gives an introduction to Beehive Management to beginner beekeepers.  It will give you a great overview of the why's and how's of running a Honey Bee colony. Suitable for new beekeepers or beginners with Bees. The course is run from our Apiary where we will have class time but also visit the Bees and go through an inspection of a fully-working Beehive.

What's the Goal of this course?

The overall goal of this simple basic introductory course is for you to gain understanding which will help you manage your Beehive with purpose  - learn what you are looking at. With demonstrations to see some methodology in Beehive management as we look in a fully-working Beehive. To gain understanding of Bee Behaviour and how to use that in your beekeeping. Identifying what you are seeing in your hive and how listening to your hive helps.  Learning the difference between healthy Bees versus sick bees.

  • Learning these skills and methods will help you grow your skills as your Bees grow.

Benefits of taking a kiwimana Beekeeping Course ?

6 students per course -  more exclusive - with low student numbers - more attention for you

Beekeeping Course Breakdown

Gain insights on how best to manage your Beehive and learn what you need to be aware of with this simple introductory course, designed to help Beginner Beekeepers who have Honey Bees and are new to Beekeeping.

You will have a glimpse in to the basic 'how to’s' of Beehive Management.  Demonstrations of how to use basic tools and equipment more effectively.

Gaining understanding of how you can be confident when working your Beehive.  Included is a look at a bee yard set up, while at the bee yard you will have a look inside a fully-working Beehive.

Course Overview

  • Inspection Methods
  • Beekeeper Activities - what am I looking at ?
  • Seasons and what they mean for your Honey Bees
  • Pest / Threats + Bee Behaviour
  • Looking inside a fully working Beehive

First Stage no Bees - classroom

  • Seasons + Bee Activities
  • Beekeeper Activities + Basic Beekeeping terminology
  • Inspection   + why ?
  • What are the Risks ?

Second Stage no Bees - classroom

  • Inspection Methods  +  Purpose
  • Beekeeping Tools and Equipment - how and why
  • What is Health, Disease and Beekeeper Hygiene?
  • What are the Risks?

Third Stage - Visit the Apiary

  • Introduction to our Apiary
  • Lighting a smoker
  • What are the Risks?
  • Meet the Bees + inspecting a fully working Beehive.

Topics looked at on the intro to Beehive Management course

  • Inspection Methods
    Why do I have to look inside my Beehive and what am I looking for?
  • Beekeeper Activities
    What should I be doing with my Beehive?
  • Beekeeping Tools and Gear
    What tools are important in helping me manage my Beehive? Why is my Beekeeping gear so important? How will it help me?
  • Seasons and what does it mean for Honey Bees
    What do I need to know about how seasons affect my Bees?
  • Pest Threats and Bee Behaviour
    What are pests and threats I need to be aware of? How do I deal with them?
  • Looking in a Fully-Working Beehive
    Identifying what is on a frame - is it healthy? When should I worry?

See you there 🙂


How do I Get on this Course

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