Extreme Gardening: Flower Shell – Shotgun Shell Filled with Seeds

ShotGun Girl
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If you’ve been searching high and low for a way to combine your love of guns with your passion for gardening, get ready for a game changer. The Swedish-made Flower Shell gives entirely new meaning to the term “flower power” thanks to an ingenious new method of firing flower seeds over barren terrain for quick and easy dispersal.

All About the Flower Shell

From the Scandinavian country that spawned Ikea, Skype and H&M, comes the Flower Shell. Compatible with 21 kinds of seed varieties, this unique invention swaps out the usual lead and gunpowder with seeds to form an unusual 12-gauge shotgun shell. Compatible with 12 different seed varieties — from poppies and peonies to columbine and clematis — the Flower Shell challenges conventional beliefs about guns: rather than being designated to take life, the Flower Shell is designed to create it.

Extreme Gardening

Ready, Aim, Flowers!

Meet the Makers

The Flower Shell is a product of Studio Total (ST), a Swiss creative lab heralded for its innovative engineering and design. Small but mighty, ST’s other groundbreaking work has included an iPad-charging chair known as the iRock; an inside cloud dubbed the Nebula 12; and the Fly Lamp which — true to its name — hovers in the air and follows its subject. Led by Per Cromwell, ST remains focused on creating radical change through its revolutionary products, and has been featured in Wired and Gizmodo.

Shell Shocked

It’s no surprise that people have questioned the legitimacy of this product, but Cromwell assured the public of its real existence in a recent interview with The The Huffington Post. In fact, not only was it 100 percent genuine with a solid online reputation, but at the time it already had a list of backorders two months long. ST even sells gift certificates for that special someone on your shopping list.

And while the company continues to be touted for its creativity, there has been an unexpected development regarding whether ST can truly claim ownership thanks to recent evidence that an American inventor named Vernon Thomas Dwyer of Des Peres, Missouri came up with the idea nearly 40 years ago, and was granted a patent for the original “shotgun with seed capsule.”

Extreme Gardening

The Flower Shell lets consumers make flowers, not war.

Safe Shooting

Flower Shells have potential for seeding a large surface quickly and easily when blasted into the ground, but there are some concerns. ST has issued a warning advising that “seeds fired from The Flower Shell may cause severe damage.” In other words, they must be handled with the same care and caution as life ammunition and within a secure controlled environment.

If you are a gardener that is dealing with a limited budget and you are wondering how to find money when there isn’t enough, you will be interested to know that you can purchase four Flower Shells for about fifty dollars. And while the Flower Shell may sound like a joke, the unexpected union of green thumbs and trigger fingers results in serious potential for quick and efficient dispersal of seeds.

Here is a video of the Flower Shell in action:-

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