End of Season 2016!!!!

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Thanks so much for all your support throughout the “Bee Season 2016”…we could not have survived without your encouragement and support. It’s the end of the Bee Season for us now in New Zealand, so you won’t hear from us for the next little while, just know we’ll be busy behind the scenes getting ready for Spring 2017 and the new Bee Season 2017 starting 1st September. For your Beekeeping supplies or tools, please order them before 28 May 2017 or after 8 June 2017 due to the on-line shop being closed for our yearly stock take Between:- 29 May 2017 and 8 June 2017. We encourage you to get your orders in for kitset frames, wax foundation and boxes, so you can get busy during the winter months… remember… the bees won’t wait for you 🙂 For podcast listeners, We will have a final show “for the end of season” on May 24. Subscribe in itunes HERE We’ll start getting our Podcasts, Newsletters and Blog posts out to you at the end of July 2017 while we take a little break. But in the meantime you can post all your Beekeeping Questions to our NEW facebook group “The Bee Knees club” – check it out Well have a safe winter guys and try and keep nice and warm, we hope to get a chance to read some beekeeping books that we haven’t had a chance to finish. What is your favorite beekeeping book?

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