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Had a busy day today visiting our local bee keeping supply shop to pick up some frames. We don’t make our own frames as it’s not worth the time it would take to make them. I have made up some Kiwimana Drone Brood management frames with them. We are going to sell some of these frames this year. We find these are another tool to reduce the Varroa mites. This is because the female mites prefer the longer gestation period of the drone cells. We are going colour the top bars of these frames green. So there are easier to spot in the hives. If you keen on getting some, drop us a line, we recommend one per brood box. Also on the way home from Ceracell, I stopped at our local lumber yard to pick up some more Macrocarpa wood to build some new hives. As per our last posting we have decided to go with ApiLife Var this year for the first mite treatment, it took me a while to locate someone that sells this product in New Zealand. I will keep you posted on how the bees get on with it. You can get hold of “ApiLife Var” from Reuben at BeeGreen his email is:- [email protected]
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8 thoughts on “Driving around Auckland Picking up things…

    • Gary says:

      Thanks Martin, no I’m fine now. But it might be good to mention to other members that are looking for a non-chemical way to deal with mites.


  1. Matt says:

    Hiya where did you get your tmacrocarpa from? Did they cut it to the right width for you? How much was it? Need some new woodware this year, seems better than painted pine…Thanks.

    • Gary says:

      We have to plane and cut the wood ourselves Matt, every plank is a different width. Which is no good if you using lap joints on your hives.

      Will pm you with the address of our supplier.

      See ya….Gary

      • Gary says:

        Good point Matt was there last and didn’t notice any adds, did see a few requests for bees. Seems in these varroa days people are having keeping the bees alive 🙁

        Can’t hurt giving them a call to check. Or if anyone had any drop me line and we post a notice here.

        See ya Gary

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