Countdown to Spring – KM026

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Show Notes

Welcome To the kiwimana buzz, A show where we talk about Beekeeping, gardening and life.

Hi I’m Gary and over there is Margaret, we are kiwimana. We chat about keeping bees and looking after our garden. We do this by discussing news, tips, tricks and interviewing beekeepers and gardeners from around the world.

The Countdown to Spring has begun “only 31 days”. This is Episode Twenty Six, This week we are talking about Alternative Bee Nests and Honeybee Eyes. The show notes for this podcast can be found at

What’s happening at Kiwimana

  • Family health emergencies.
  • Getting new stock for the new season, building bees.
  • Working in the workshop.
  • Arranging interviews for some shows coming up.
  • We have been having a break over the last month.
  • Our land for bees project.
  • Wax moth inquiry “Saving the Native gecko”.
  • Swarm blog post coming soon.
  • Time to think about what beekeeping supplies you need for the new season.

News Topics

photo credit: Erwin Verbruggen via photopin cc
photo credit: Erwin Verbruggen via photopin cc

A new film about the plight of the honeybee in the modernn world.

Markus Imhoof investigates the crisis in his dramatic documentary. A Q&A with the director of ‘More Than Honey.’
New Movie about Bees

“Gaia Bees” is offering alternative bee-friendly hives. The designs are based on the needs of the bees and promote a sustainable and wholesome approach to apiculture. Check out the site for some great photos:-
Alternative Bee Nests

An article from the Queensland Government about how to identify Asian Honey Bees.
How to identify an Asian Honey Bee

Auckland Transport are looking at stopping trains from Waitakere, when the Auckland rail network goes electric.
Loss of trains for Waitakere

An amazing story from the world of nature about tolerance.
Whales Welcome a Deformed Dolphin into Their Pod

photo credit: USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring via photopin cc
photo credit: USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring via photopin cc

A great article from Brookfield Farm Bees and Honey Blog about Bee Eyes.
Brookfield Farm – Honeybee Eyes Article

We had a chat with Emily and Emma from London, England a couple of weeks back. We discussed beekeeping in London and the Issues facing urban beekeepers.
Our talk with Emma and Emily


We talk to James Moore from Portland Oregon about beekeeping and his Swarmy application.
We talk to James Moore

24:40 – Beekeeping Tip of the Week

Gary – Check that your hives are have enough stores, check the weight of your hives. Do they feel light? You may need to feed them to get your bees up till the first first honey flow.

Here is the Bee Tea Recipe that we use:-
Honey Bee Lives – Bee Tea Recipe

Margaret – Check your hives are dry and free of mould.

Fungus the Bogeyman by Raymound Biggs.

32:32 – Feedback!!!

Matt from the Beekeeper UK Blog

Matt’s article about Apiary Security

Matt Writes:-

Kiwimana Buzz Podcast – This podcast is presented by a couple from New Zealand who run a beekeeping business. They are regular ’casters and some of their episodes are very informative, although they do get off the subject now and then which can be a bit confusing on rare occasions. They have some great guests quite often though and it is very interesting to hear about beekeeping on their side of the planet. Recommended you give these guys a go. As a New Zealand based site with beekeepers from that area giving their advice on beekeeping, their views on beekeeping politics etc. may not always be relevant to you, but it is interesting. It’s a great podcast, well recorded and clear to listen to. It is good to hear an alternative to the American podcasts, getting good advice from the other side of the world (from me, anyway!). You can see from their website that they are suppliers of beekeeping kit, but that is not the point of the podcast – it is clearly a national advice podcast, most of which is relevant to all of us. Well worth a try and totally free.

Matts WebsiteMatts Beekeeping Blog

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  • Interviewing Robin from Canada on Monday
  • What to do with your bees when you go on holidays
  • How to use a Queen Excluder
  • Two easy recipes with honey
  • How to Use a Timms Trap

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Thanks Guys…See you all next month…Gary and Margaret

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Spring – KM026

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    Bee says:

    Hi Guys, another great episode and thanks for the link to my blog. I shall get a date in the diary when work is a little less crazy – looking forward to being on the show. Matt – aka BeeKeeperUK

    • Avatar photo
      Gary Fawcett says:

      Thanks Matt, glad you enjoyed the show. Please tell all your beekeeping friends about our little show. It would be great if you could add a link on your blog to us as well 🙂


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