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Welcome To the kiwimana buzz, A show where we talk about Beekeeping, gardening and life.

This is the Twenty third Episode of our Beekeeping Podcast, This week we are talking about Monsanto, Apistan and famous beekeepers.
Cartoon reproduced by kind permission of Joe Mohr

What is happening at Kiwimana


  • Cleaning up workshop for winter season and building of products. Thanks to everyone that has added their names to the waiting lists.
  • Louise (our goat) on the mend after been sick.
  • Bees very quiet, doing some cleansing flights. Temperature got down to 5 degrees last week.
  • Gary was on a panel of podcasters discussing negative feedback (not that we get much), You can watch this here:- PR013 – Dealing with Negative Feedback



Skink colony, and wasps trying to attack them, Here is some more information about skinks:- Skinks, Geckos and lowres

News Topics

Some great photos of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest by New Zealand’s most famous beekeeper “Sir Edmund Hillary”. It was the anniversary this month the climb happened 60 years ago on the 29 May 1953.
Mount Everest first successful ascent in pictures

Image Credit: Watching Mt Cook by Jonathan Keelty
Image Credit: Watching Mt Cook by Jonathan Keelty

A Great list of some Genetically Modified Foods, some will surprise you.
Top 20 Genetically Modified Foods

Image Credit: Protesting monsanto in San Francisco by Donna Cleveland
Image Credit: Protesting monsanto in San Francisco by Donna Cleveland

An international protest happened on May 25 against biotechnology company Monsanto. Demonstrations happened in dozens of countries around the globe.
Monsanto protests scheduled in 36 countries

An interesting approach to the Monsanto issue from the good people of Hungary.
Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Monsanto plans to stop lobbying for GM plant varieties due to lack of interest by farmers in Europe.
Monsanto set to halt GM push in Europe

Vita (Europe) Limited has begun the pan-European registration process for HopGuard, a varroa control treatment that uses natural food-based compounds and is suited for year-round use.
Vita starts registration process for green varroa control treatment

We did this article because we get a lot of questions about this Apistan, some interesting studies have been done in America.

This post stirred up some great feedback. Thanks for all the feedback on this article.
Apistan – What is it and Why we don’t use it

The EPA in America approves Dow Chemicals “sulfoxaflor”, Despite warnings and concerns raised by beekeepers and environmental groups.
EPA Green-Lights New Pesticide Highly Toxic to Bees, Dismisses Concerns

Wasps are out in force and our article was popular this months, tips on how to keep wasps or yellow jackets.
German Wasps – How to Keep them out of your bee hives
Dave’s Not here – The Chong and Chong Podcast Show

Sam ReadIn this podcast we talk to Sam Read from Plant and food about her study of the Chelifer (Pseudoscorpion), Plant and Food are doing research to on the potential commercial propagation of chelifers for varroa control in honeybee hives.
Sam Read Talks about her Pseudoscorpion Study

Beekeeping Tips of the Week

M – Monitor your varroa levels and check for Wasps attacking your hives

G – Place a old sack on fence post to catch hibernating wasp queens.


Thanks Guys…Gary and Margaret

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