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Cliff Van Eaton

Hi this is Episode Fifty Nine of our beekeeping podcast, This week we are talking to Cliff Van Eaton from Te Puke in New Zealand.

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Introduction – Cliff Van Eaton

Cliff Van Eaton

Cliff Van Eaton is an beekeeping consultant and author. He was born in America, was first introduced to beekeeping while living in Canada, and has now lived in New Zealand for over half of his life.

He is the author of the book “Manuka The Biography Of An Extraordinary Honey” and also the co-author of the Orginal “Elimination of American Foulbood Disease without the use of Drugs” and the “Control of Varroa” book with Dr Mark Goodwin.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • A story about how one beekeeper poured Manuka into the sea?
  • Manuka honey didn’t start as a popular honey at all
  • Manuka honey is thixotropic, only one of two in the world.
  • The Honey Board used to mix similar honey together
  • The Manuka Tree started life in Australia?
  • Hunting of the Moa caused more Manaka to grow in New Zealand
  • Manuka would have have served at the signing of Treaty of Waitangi
  • kiwifriut don’t product nectar, so a novel way was developed to get bees to pollinate them.

What Was Mentioned

  • Oratia Native Plant Nursery – Great place to get different types of Manuka – Update May 2019 – Business has closed 🙁
  • Peter Molan’s web site is –
  • Cliffs Recent interview with Kathryn Ryan on Radio NZ, can be found HERE
  • Control of Varroa mites free download, *Update May 2019 – You can’t download the book any longer*
  • Book by Peter Barrett – The Immigrant Bees (currently out of print)

Buy the Book

You can buy the book from us, here is the link to this fantastic book:-

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