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News about our beehives, inspections and what we have found.

Picking up the Hawthorn swarm – Part 3 “Third time is the Charm”

I headed out to work on the Remuera swarm again, hopefully third time lucky. I spoke to Peter from the Franklin bee-club who suggested we take some old comb to attract them. Which I had done last time, but this time I also took a frame of capped honey from our stores. What I did […]

Treating our new Hives with Api Life Var

In between collecting swarms we checked on our new hives today and treated them with “Api Life Var” the organic mite treatment, the mites counts have been low but we have been told that treating a hive with low brood is more effective. So lets see what happens. So in summary this is what we […]

Picking up the Hawthorn swarm – Part 2

Second visit to this Remuera hive, we texted the house owner “Nick” this morning and he advised us that the bees had returned to the hedge despite our efforts last night. The bees are clustered in a middle of hedge and a wire fence to boot, so it’s not a simple group of ladies to […]

Swarms Swarms EveryWhere!!! Swanson 1!!!

Got another call from a kind member of the public “Terry” yesterday morning while we were getting reading to tackle the Hawthorn Swarm again. A swarm had arrived yesterday and was in a tree. It turned out that Terry knows Tom Dixon from the Bee Club, so small world indeed. Luckily for us the swarm […]