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News about our beehives, inspections and what we have found.

Varroa Treatment – July 2012

Treatment for Winter This treatment follows three months from our last treatment in April when we were preparing the apiary for wintering down. The treatment used at that time was “Api life Var“, which proved reliable and achieved huge male mite fall. For our July treatment, we are using “oxalic acid” which we bought from […]

Inspecting two hives – Swanson and Glen Eden 2

The weather was good and the temperature was 22 degrees today, so I decided to inspect a couple of our hives. Days in which inspections can be done are becoming fewer and fewer, as New Zealand heads into winter. Here the summary of the inspections:- Swanson 1 Swanson is a bustling hive with around three […]

Wrapping up your bees with a moisture quilt?

Winter is just around the corner, so it’s time to get the bees ready for winter. Your bees should have been treated now and have low mite counts. Now it is time to think about how to reduce moisture in your hives over the winter months.

Never hold a frame full of bees away from the hive

What Happened A couple of weeks back we had an incident with the Remuera 1 hive. We were inspecting frames and the queen must have fallen from the it. When we were cleaning up after the inspection, we noticed a large cluster of bees gathered on the ground and then to our horror we noticed […]

Swanson One and Api Life Var

This hive was showing signs of a high varroa mite count; it was on solid bottom board so we couldn’t do a drop count. But the inspection of drone brood indicated lots of mites and bees were spotted with deformed wing virus. The decision was made to treat the hive a few weeks back.

Inspecting Hives and Sending Bees in the post?

It was time to inspect hives today in between painting bee hive boxes and dodging the ever-present rain in Auckland. Isn’t it meant to be summer here? These are some notes from the inspections today:- Taupaki 1 Hive is very strong and doing very well, loads of bees in the brood area and their have […]

The tale of the Pool Side Bees

Day One Got a call from Mary in Glen Eden, a swarm of bees had taken up residence on the side of her pool house. It was into the Kiwimana mobile after work, with a spare hive that I had gathered together from parts found in the workshop. Mary said she thinks the bees had […]

Catching a large swarm in Glen Eden!!!

We got an email from Aaron this morning about a swarm in Glen Eden, that had landed in his front garden. When we got there we had to say “wow” it was the biggest swarm I have every seen. A colony that decides to swarm, will keep swarming until the hive is empty. The amount […]