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News about our beehives, inspections and what we have found.

Update on natural mite fall….

Today we went to the Auckland Beekeepers Club meeting, it was good to put a face to the Massey bee enthusiast – sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat further.  I took my photos of the crawling things and showed it around, the scary looking one that looks like a scorpion is called “pseudoscorpion” check […]

Our First Extraction

Yesterday we inspected the Goldie hive, just checked the supers.  We were keen to see how the girls got on with capping some more frames of honey. (Double click on the images to enlarge) We managed to find only three frames that had over 80% capped honey on both sides, so we convinced the girls […]

Honey 1

Inspection 16 January 2010, Second Level … shows that there are still 4 frames with no honey, however the bees are starting to draw out the comb. I didn’t see any brood on this level so am satisfied no queen here.The girls are capping honey and everything looks very healthy and clean.! The lid when removed […]

Honey 2 – first inspection

Observed from a distance since being placed, honey 2 was quite quiet.  Over the following days you could see that there was more activity so I decided to inspect today. First frames are empty but the girls are definitely cleaning the foundation wax.  As I went further into the hive, which incidently has only one […]

Goldie inspection and New Nuc Box

Happy New Year everyone, Inspected Goldie today as it was a nice day. Today’s goal was to replace some of the frames that were falling apart in the lower brood. Not a good inspection to be sure, managed to get stung four times during the inspection. So didn’t inspect all the lower brood, had to […]

Goldie Inspection 19 Dec 09

Weather: Hot Day with some wind Hive: Two Brood Boxes (10 Frames Each) Opened up hive and there was little or no condensation, so think the Real Estate Sign installation is working well. The Bee’s were working pretty hard today because the hot weather, so thought it would be a good day for it. Most […]