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News about kiwimana, what are the staff up. Are you selling a new product. You will find the news here.

Whats Blooming at kiwimana HQ….beekeeping, apiary, gardens, flowers

Its now well into Autumn here in New Zealand - April 2015. This beekeeping season [...]

Auckland Council proposed Beekeeping Bylaw

Auckland Council are reviewing their bylaws and Margaret makes submission which appeared to bee well-received.

Beekeeping Course – Introduction to the World of Beekeeping

Here at kiwimana we are Beekeepers who want to help those interested in Bees and [...]

Love is a goat called Louise

Some sad news about our goat Louise, who passed away over winter in New Zealand.


Break? …what break? apiary maintenance, beekeeping supplies

Margaret's summary of our winter break and pre-bee season preparations.

Its Autumn in New Zealand – The Time to Treat is here

The honey flow has slowed down in most parts of New Zealand and hopefully you [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New year to you are your family. We hope you are managing to have [...]


Can the Robinson Vaporiser control your Varroa Mites – Part 2

In part 2 of the article we answer the question "Can vaporising Oxalic acid crystals [...]

The kiwimana Shop is open for business

The kiwimana Shop is open for business. We are beekeepers from the hills of West [...]


A tale of three stings – A funny swarm story

A funny and embarrassing story about a bee swarm we rescued last season. We hope [...]