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Wintering Down Beehives

How do we winter down ?  We run our Beehive colonies with two full-depth boxes on the first and second levels.  We consider the second hive box to be a “multi-use” box. In Spring it’s there to allow the queen to lay freely to deal with natural bee population increase also so the population […]

10 Mistakes New Beekeepers Make

The art of beekeeping can be very exciting, but if you are a beginning beekeeper, you are most likely going to make some mistakes. Of course, no beekeeper will intentionally want anything to go wrong, but it happens. This article to contains ten major mistakes a new beekeeper makes.

How to Create a Flower Garden with Year-Round Blooms

Were you thinking about creating a beautiful landscape in your yard? Well, for gardening beginners, there are numerous tips and tricks to growing and maintaining a gorgeous garden. Here is our best advice on how to create a flower garden that’ll look pretty everyday of the year.