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Here is guest posts from other writers that have some great information to share, that we are not experts in.

Do You Know How Bees Make Honey?

All you need to know about how bees make honey. The entire process has a [...]

Whats happening in Aussie? honey beekeeping Spring

This week we bring you some photos from Thomas in Queensland of honey extraction. Great [...]

Meeting the Barefoot Beekeeper in Wareham forest in Dorset

Learning from the "Barefoot Beekeeper". Nicks account of the recent training he attended at Alpha [...]

Borage – Why Is It So Good For Bees?

Borage - The history of this great plant that bees all around the world love. [...]


Guest Post: Going Blue

This is a guest post from Frank Schuurman, who is a retired nurseryman living in [...]


Grahams Top Bar Hive

One of our readers Graham, wrote us this great email regarding his New Top Bar [...]