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Beekeeping Presentation to the local board

Tonight we went along to the Henderson/Massey local board to present a proposal to add a local Beekeepers swarm catcher’s list, to the Auckland Council’s knowledge database, for call centre and license and compliance teams.

Henderson Massey local board,full bee suit,Earthbound Honey,Assid Corban

NBA Workshop – Farmers

National Beekeepers’ Association of New Zealand (NBA) Farmers John Hartnell – Chair of Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group (BIG) spoke in terms of Export. John started by saying that export drives industry. John explained that they report to government and have a government structure. There are policies which they have to work to including the […]

NBA Workshop – Queen Breeding

Queen Breeding The speakers who covered this were Philip Cropp and Rae Butler from Rainbow Honey, a commercial Beekeeping company based in Nelson. Philip was the first to speak, he explained that they were assisting the team in the breeding program to help establish the VSH trait and participating in a breeding program. The […]

NBA Workshop – Mercury Island VSH – Michelle Taylor – KM007

Michelle Taylor introduced VSH being “Varroa Sensitive Hygiene” a Bee ‘activity’ or a genetic trait which has been identified through the study of Bees. This ‘activity’ which may be the key to helping fight varroa.