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AFB National American Foul Brood Pest Management PLan – Thank you. 2021

Email received from the Management Agency – just for reference purposes only we have shared [...]

How do you tell the difference between Manuka and Kanuka?

In this post we answer the question how do you tell the difference between Manuka [...]


12 Must See Ted Talks for Beekeepers

Do you love learning about Bees? Here is our top twelve favorite Ted Talks about [...]


The Bees and Your Backyard: What All The Gardening Buzz is About

Many of us have often thought about getting into gardening. The concept of growing our [...]

Buzzy Bee – Lets go for a Ride

Here is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to own one of these Kiwi Icons and earn some [...]

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The Man Who Discovered Manuka Honey – Dr Peter Molan

The Man Who Discovered Manuka Honey - Dr Peter Molan. The Discoverer of the Healing [...]

Manuka the biography of an extraordinary honey – KM067

Here is a talk given by Cliff Van Eaton about his new book "Manuka the [...]

Auckland Council proposed Beekeeping Bylaw

Auckland Council are reviewing their bylaws and Margaret makes submission which appeared to bee well-received.

Auckland Council Bees Bylaw

Auckland Council have put Bees under the "Animal Management Bylaws". Margaret discusses her views on [...]

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New Zealand Podcasts – you might also like

New Zealand Podcasts - As you may know we have a podcast, the kiwimana buzz [...]