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Bee Clubs do a great job in helping new and experienced beekeepers, have a look here for stories of bee club meetings from around the world.

Vaporizing Varroa Mites??? With a Oxalic Acid Vaporizer!!!

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Well it was a nice spring morning, a little crispy but after last night’s thunder and lightning in Auckland – we were both happily surprised that the day was starting out so well.

…off we went…got in to the kiwimana mobile nick-named “The Beehive” …’cause it’s white and usually full of bees 🙂 …then headed south ….to the Franklin Bee Club…

It’s nearly spring, do your bees have enough stores?

Your bees have come through winter and there has been days and sometimes weeks without good weather. The bees have very strong labour laws and do not collect nectar and pollen on cold or rainy days. But do you bees have enough food to make it until summer?