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Bee Clubs do a great job in helping new and experienced beekeepers, have a look here for stories of bee club meetings from around the world.

Learning at the Franklin Bee Club

We went along to the Franklin Bee Club, We had a great time and learned [...]

NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference 2013

This post is about the NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference that Gary spoke at over the [...]


Vaporising at the Whangarei Bee Club

We went up to the Whangareri Bee Club today to do a presentation about the [...]

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Vaporizing Varroa Mites??? With a Oxalic Acid Vaporizer!!!

Well it was a nice spring morning, a little crispy but after last night's thunder [...]


It’s nearly spring, do your bees have enough stores?

Your bees have come through winter and there has been days and sometimes weeks without [...]


The Franklin Bee Club and the Kiwimana Meshboard

We went along to the Franklin Bee Clubs Meeting, today's discussions were about varroa mites, [...]


The Kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Podcast #2 – Auckland Bee club’s 65th Anniversary

This podcast is a recording of two of the speakers at Saturdays Auckland bee club’s [...]