Buzzy Bee visits the Auckland Bee Club Honey Show

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Buzzy Bee

The Honey Show

On the 9th March I went along to the Auckland Bee club (mainly to meet the Buzzy Bee :D), the club was having the annual Honey Show. Which we didn’t enter as we still haven’t extracted our honey yet. The show is a great chance for club members to compete with each other for the best honey in various categories, also blocks of wax were also judged. This years judges were Maureen Maxwell and Dennis Wait. Sorry I would have liked to have included the results of the honey show, but despite emailing the club I have yet to receive the results.

Today’s speakers

DallasToday’s speakers were Dallas from Dal’s Pollination and Murray Reid who is the co-author of the bible of New Zealand Beekeeping “Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand”. Both talks were very interesting, Dallas discussed the reasons why you replace your queens such Spotty Brood, Chalk Brood and large amounts of SacBrood. Did you know that a mated Queen no longer can sting, thats something I hadn’t heard before. Murray’s talk was also very interesting and he summarised what a bee needs down to three things, Housing, Company and Food. I would also add a mite free world. But I guess those three things are a great start.

Buzzy Bee Made a Visit

Well must say seeing the huge Buzzy Bee was a thrill, alas I didn’t get a ride this time. But the kids looked like it was great fun indeed.
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