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Tick this off your buzzket list ….Buzzy Bee Ride for Sale.

Maria Kornagel from the Buzzy Bee Club Limited approached us as she’d like to bring this opportunity to our readers who may bee interested or know someone who might bee interested in this great childrens ride with the iconic Buzzy Bee. If you have a business this could be a fantastic way to get people into your store (at least get the kids to drag their parents in – and lets face it who can deny a pleading childs face or the dropped lip : ).

These are designed especially for very young children (1 to 7 years old – approximately up to 25kg). The Buzzy Bee is turning slowly around itself during the rides.

Maybe you want to have a new attraction to your play ground or in your shop?

The Kiwi Icon – a Buzzy Bee Children’s Ride.

You can have the UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY NOW to own one of these Kiwi Icons and earn some additional money.

The novelty of the original Buzzy Bee Children’s Rides are very attractive to “Young and Old” in the same way. As you are aware there are not that many of these Kiwi Icons around – and especially not for sale. This is a money making machine.

These are being sold by division Buzzy Bee Club Limited are based in Putaruru offering a Buzzy Bee Children’s ride which is a Kiwiana Icon. It could be of value to your business being a magnetic attraction to young and old

Details about the Buzzy Bee Children’s Ride

ie: (Weight, mobility, which coin to activiate, length of ride, and of course purchase price)

  • Weight around 80kg, the rides have wheels at the back and can be lifted from the front and wheeled around.
  • Length 1350mm, Width 830, Height 1500mm
  • Suitable for Children up to age 7 or 25 kg


  • Our price is $3000 plus GST plus cost of transport if we deliver the ride


  • They are built like a tank – bullet proof and all parts are easily obtainable to be replaced and maintained and the outside shell is fibre glass.

Music – your choice

  • The slow moving Buzzy Bee Children’s rides also play inspirational kids nursery rhymes music and can be muted if need be. The music can be also an attraction to the ride but also be adjusted how loud you want the music.
  • The advantage with the rides is that the music is operated by normal cassettes at the back of the rides and therefore can be customised according to your company – even added with your company slogan or advertising or whatever you would like to have announced – a very special form of Kiwi Icon customised advertising.


  • There is a timer for the ride at the back – normally it is about 2 minutes but can be adjusted manually to a shorter or longer period

Gold Coin

  • At $2.00 each ride or for those who want one at home – it can be operated manually.
  • To change charge you can manually run the rides by pushing a button at the back of the ride.
  • The ride pays for itself in a very short time

Take Care

  • Parents and guardians are requested to supervise their children during the ride.
  • The Buzzy Bee Children’s rides should be protected from rain (at least the electronics part)
  • Rides are all operated by normal household plugs and don’t use much power
  • The Buzzy Bee rides are exempt from OSH regulations (confirmation can be supplied)

Call Maria on:-

PHONE : (07) 8838481 / 021 870 430
Tell them you heard about the ride through the …kiwimana buzz

Kind Regards
Buzzy Bee Club Limited

Maria Kornagel

Buzzy Bee Ride

One thought on “Buzzy Bee – Lets go for a Ride

  1. Avatar photo
    Tina Junger says:

    Hi i have a buzzy bee ride but the coin operation part to start the ride is nit working. What do you suggest is there a person who ua zbke to fixes this. Nany Thanks Tina

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