Building a Better Bee – KM008

The eighth podcast from the team at Kiwimana HQ. This month we discuss neonicotinoids, NZ Honey failing tests and Alternative varroa treatments.

Topics this month

Here are the links for the topics mentioned in this months podcast:-

Bombshell for NZ beekeepers
News that kiwifruit pollen was being imported into New Zealand prior to the outbreak of the kiwifruit vine-killing disease Psa-V came as a bombshell to beekeepers.

Neonicotinoids available now at your Garden Centre!!!

Neonicotinoids available now at your Garden Centre!!!
Why is this crap being sold here??? (In my opinion)

Penn State Extension launches new online
On Line Beekeeping course

NZ honey fails overseas border tests
Honey is being incorrectly identified by faulty tests.

Margarets Varroa Treatment oxalic acid

Varroa treatment July 2012/
Margarets Views on the treatments she did this month

NBA Workshop

NBA Workshop
The Kiwimana team went to Hamilton to a NBA Workshop on a breeding program to develop a Varroa Resistant Bee.

NZ – Varroa ‘a much larger problem’

Associate Professor Dearden in agricultural press
An article about Professor Peter Dearden from the University of Otago on his views about the issues facing bees.

While we don't have this problem yet, I'm not convinced we're not going to get it.

Every ingredient of CCD is here, he said. At this point I see no reason why New Zealand is not going to see these effects unless we do something.

The Neonicotinoid View: Beekeepers Response To EPA Decision
The Neonicotinoid View: Beekeepers Response To EPA Decision

Bees – Tales from the Hive

Bees – Tales from the Hive
A great video available from Amazon.

Bee-seiged! The terrifying moment a buzzing swarm of 3,000 bees descended on florists as workers cowered inside
and…Bees and wasps ‘kill more people in Britain than Al-Qaeda do!
More sensation news stories about bees, Please help us all!!!

Guest Post: Going Blue

Guest Post: Going Blue
A Great post by Frank Schuurman about Plants that flower in winter and happen to be blue.

The Franklin Bee Club and the Kiwimana Meshboard

The Franklin Bee Club and the Kiwimana Meshboard
The team went down to demonstrate our Meshboards, do you want one as well?

Events coming up in August

1 Aug – Wellington Beekeepers Association (Johnsonville)

5 Aug – Rotorua Honey Bee Club Practical session

8 Aug – Beekeeping in the city, Mount Eden Village “Paul Romley”

8 Aug – Wanganui beekeeping club monthly meeting

12 Aug – Franklin Bee Club Club Day

20-24 August National Bee Week

22 August – Introduction to Beekeeping – Kim

23 Aug – Manawatu Bee Club Monthly Meeting

25 Aug – Beekeeping for beginners Course (Katikati)

Song of the Month

Adrina Thorpe
This months Song is provided by Mevio’s Music Alley”

Adrina Thorpe – FLY FLY FLY

California, United States
If you would like to purchase this song or find our more please click HERE.

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