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Hi, it’s Gary and Margaret here, this is a bonus episode for our amazing supporters.

This week we are talking about Smokers and what is best for using as smoker fuel, what are the Scots up to in their Tenements and Dangerous work conditions

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Let’s get into the news!!!!

Beekeeping News

WTF!! – Tauranga beekeeper awarded $37,000 after being confronted by boss with a crossbow and baseball bat during tea break

Holy shit batman, things are heating up in the Beekeeping Industry, we ask is there any excuse for this kind of behaviour from anyone’s employer?

Alleged threats of a hit job, crossbows and helicopters, no this is not a Hollywood blockbuster but New Zealand beekeeping.

WTF!! – Tauranga bee keeper awarded $37,000 after being confronted by boss with a crossbow and baseball bat during tea break

I have contacted NZ ECO BEES on Facebook for their side of the story…..Not taking sides, but like many of these situations they is two sides to every story.

Your Feedback

Brad Purcell Hasn’t paid yet ill add.
Samara Maher Good grief! Glad all went in your favour though
kiwimana Sorry to hear about your experience Brad, shocking way for a Boss to act 🙁
Brad Purcell Cheers made it hard to get back into industry that’s for sure still trying to find my feet
Gary Wright Glad you got some justice Brad!!
Brad Purcell Gary Wright hardly got off with a slapped hand if you ask me until he pays up in my eyes it is injustice
Margaret Groot Brad Purcell Kia kaha stay strong
Steve Tippett 13k for hurt feelings ?
Lee Harvey No enough money for the damage done. This could stay with this person the rest of their lives.
Steve Tippett I doubt they would ever forget something like that. So yes it would. Wonder if there was any truth to the allegations they had been stealing from the company
Brad Purcell Definitely ain’t no thief mate
Deanna Sparks Kjorlien Need to add a few zeros to that judgement!
Robert McInnes Well for eco bees well done for bringing bees into the spotlight…..for all the wrong reasons, Suppose it does highlight the issues faced in the manuka hunt.

What to Burn in Your Smoker

This is something which we never tire of, finding out what to use in our smoker and then for beginners creating a bit of awareness of what NOT to use, let’s start with that…

What not to use:
* Synthetic materials
* Synthetic fabrics or cloth
* Plants that may harm or deter insects
* Lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene etc.

What to Burn in Your Smoker

Urban beekeeping takes off as Scots make honey from hives in tenement flat gardens

Wow this is a fantastic article talking about Scots encouraging Bees in the urban environment amongst tenements and talks about grumpy old b’s*#ds who are now the latest trend….

Beekeeping is the latest traditional craft to be discovered by young men with beards and women with avocados tattooed on their forearms.

But these newbees coexist perfectly happily with the old timers who are delighted to pass on their skills and experience to a new generation.

Urban beekeeping takes off as Scots make honey from hives in tenement flat gardens

Your Feedback

Stephen Stewart “For years, we were cranky old b******s."! Pollockshields was on my bus route to town.
Gary Fawcett – kiwimana I thought you would like that story Stephen

Here is what Tonic Wine is:-
Buckfast Tonic Wine

Well thanks for listening the bonus, show we will be back in a couple of weeks with an interview with Nigel Costley.

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