Bethells 1 – Inspection

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Margaret had done another inspection of Bethells 1 on 9 Jan 2011, but Margaret has been too busy to blog about this inspection. Quick inspection today, the third box which is ¾ Super has some frames built out but no nectar and I don’t think there will be any this season. So I removed this to store away for the winter. Upper Brood (B2) has some nice brood in the centre and some capped honey on the edges, all looks good. No sign of Queen or young lava on this level. Lower Brood (B1) has some nice brood, but a strange thing was spotted there was a frame of empty brood between some brood. Not a good sign (I think) and also didn’t spot any eggs but did spot some lava that was around six to eight days old. The brood management frame in B1 didn’t have any new foundation on it, so I have removed this frame. Lower Brood only has nine frames now may add a frame next inspection. Reading Margaret’s last inspection notes. Nectar and capped honey has been removed from the honey super. So this has either been moved downstairs by the bees or robbed. I may do another inspection today to check on these guys and hopefully spot new eggs or the Queen. Watching the hive this morning I did notice some bees being thrown out the hive. So it looks like its all under control, but we need to check if the Queen is still working in the hive. Sorry no photos today, I couldn’t locate any batteries.
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