Bethells 1 – Hive Inspection

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Started 13:23 – Weather windy but sunny Well Bethells 1 is due for an inspection, the sun and the bees were out and about. So we took the chance to do an inspection. The tin roof had been propolised down; I suspect this is part of the Bees efforts to close up for winter. Inspecting the hive breaks these propolis seals, so this is why it’s never a good idea to open up a hive over winter. The bees won’t have enough time to seal up their house again. The weather has changed in the last couple of weeks, with some colder nights and mornings up in the Waitakere hills. Frame by frame Breakdown (Upper brood)
F 30 Honey and Nectar
F 32 Capped Honey with some brood?
F 3 Capped Honey
F 1 Brood (week old lava)
F 2 Brood Extensive **
F 4 Brood Drone Comb *
F 10 Honey / Brood
F 5 Honey / Brood
F 7 Partial Honey/ Nectar
F 6 Capped honey (Full)
* I inspected the drone brood, and no sign of Mites. ** Also spotted some sunken cell son F2, remove dead bees but no sign of any American Foul Brood. Lower Brood
First Brood (Patchy)
Second Extensive Brood
Third Brood (Patchy) – New Lava spotted
Fourth Brood (Patchy), Dark coloured with some Honey
Fifth Brood small amount, mainly empty
Sixth Empty Foundation frame
Seventh Bit of honey on edges
Eighth Empty Foundation frame
Ninth Empty Foundation frame
Tenth Empty Foundation frame
Very strange how the outer frames have brood on them. It does look like the Bees have moved the main brood to the upper brood, not sure why this is. It could be because they are preparing for winter. I wouldn’t have thought so as that’s a couple of months away yet. All in all the bees are doing well in Bethells 1. And in other news from the Bee garden.  The Goldie hive was going great today, I made a film of the bees coming and going for your viewing pleasure its located HERE Pictures from today (Click to enlarge them)
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