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Are you looking to buy Bees ?

This listing service provides you with a list of Beekeepers selling either:-

  • Beehives – fully-working hives one or two Boxes
  • Queen Bees – no colony – mated or un-mated
  • Nucleus – standard generally 5x Frames Full Depth

The Beekeeper gives basic details on their listing of what they have available, their regional location. Call or email them for more details.


Parties (Beekeeper and Buyer) are independent of kiwimana, Parties will negotiate their own terms and agreement – kiwimana provides this product as a listing service only and are not liable for the outcome of any sales or purchases. Caveat emptor…

Beekeepers Selling Bees


The breeding and raising of queen bees is what we Beecroft do. We use Italian and Carniolan breeder queen bees, and produce well fed queen cells and virgin queen bees.

Queen bee mating sites are flooded with drone bees leading to well mated queen bees that are available for commercial and hobbyist orders alike.

Nucleus colonies (nucs) and bee hives are also available.

Contact Craig on +64 21 616 461 or via the BeeCroft website HERE


The raising of quality queen bees and strong colonies is a result of applying science, experience and finesse to our work, it truly is a craft.

QueenCraft are based out to the North of Auckland in the golden triangle of queen raising territory. As Spring approaches and the weather warms we are ideally positioned to produce queen bees early in the season for both our commercial and hobbyist beekeeper customers, right when they are wanted.

Give Carl a call or send us a text on: 0274 713 979 (text is often best as often out in the hives) or contact QueenCraft via their website HERE

Gabi and Peter

Gabi and Peter collect Swarms in the Auckland Region they look after each swarm until they know it has a laying queen with a healthy brood pattern. They are both DECA holders and all hives are checked for American Foul Brood (AFB) before colonies are sold.

If they need treatment it will be treated organically. They catch swarms in the central and southern parts of Auckland and in Franklin.

Contact them by phone (or txt) on 021 285 8032 or send them an email to [email protected]


Canaan Honey

Canaan Honey has been in business over 35 years, and offers Nuc and full Bee Hives for Sale from Whanganui. Call Michael on 021 728889 or visit their web page HERE.

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