Beekeeping Supplies Now IN – don’t miss out and here’s why!

Its all about preparation

One thing we have learnt over-time is that its best to bee preparing for the coming season in this season.

How Much Gear is Enough?

Boxes Ready for Summer
Boxes Ready for Summer
We have now established rules for hive woodware levels – this is to make-sure we don’t run-out and most importantly we are not caught-short…oops…which has occurred a couple of times this season despite our best efforts.

Beeing caught-short meant we added hive-boxes to hives without having frames waxed and wired in them …wow !…bad, bad mistake…geez you should have seen it, crazy comb all-over the place.

Worse part is, the Bees draw the comb from the hive mat and to unsuspecting Beekeepers who ‘forgot’ …they didn’t have frames in…its heavy to lift-up then it falls-off!

Well the comb could fall on your queen!
…you have wasted a lot of your Bees work in building wax, plus you could lose eggs and nectar falls-out, and is wasted!

Its just not worth the risks.

Crazy CombWe have a hive in this state and it needs re-checking – I added some frames with wax and wire so hopefully they will start working on those and then I can retrieve the ‘fallen’ comb and queenie is still alive…fingers crossed.

Basic Hive Configuration – what is needed?

We have now decided on what we believe is a good hive configuration as follows;
4x Full-Depth Boxes (+40x Frames waxed and wired)
3x 3/4 Hive Boxes (+30x Frames waxed and wired)
1x kiwimana Meshboard
1x Solid-bottomboard
2x Hive-mats
2x Roofs
1x Queen Excluder
10x Spare 3/4 Frames waxed and wired
10x Spare Full-Depth Frames waxed and wired

Remember, a Beehive colony grows and changes, responding to weather, seasons and needs within the hive. You need to have gear
to replace what you take out for example, honey supers or old comb and for whatever is broken and needs repair.

Over time, hive boxes deteriorate as do frames and wax foundation.

All Beekeepers must bee prepared for each change of season.

You will need extra gear in-waiting!

Bee Smokers
Check out our on-line shop…we have new Beekeeper supplies stock in Bee Jackets, Bee Smokers, Capping Scratcher, Oxalic Acid Vaporizer with oxalic acid, Api Life Var, 3/4 hive boxes (premium grade) – assembled, with frames waxed and wired and ready-to-use…so easy… OR wooden 3/4 hive boxes or wooden frames available in kitsets, single wax foundation sheets and rolls of wire.

No Beekeeper is a Beekeeper without Bees and we have Bees available NOW, give us a call (09) 810 9965

If you want to learn about ‘the world of beekeeping’ we are starting an introduction-type course at Rutherford High School

Thanks …. ‘Bee Prepared’


One thought on “Beekeeping Supplies Now IN – don’t miss out and here’s why!

  1. Debi says:

    Now why would I have to be that prepared when I know Kiwimana are, and I can just ring at the drop of a hat and shoot up and see you……Well done guys, good lessons here, but no matter how prepared we think we are, as you said, something will happen and thens it OMG, why didnt I have a spare one of those, or more frames …and where can I get this or that at a moments notice…

    One question. Is there any advantage to a solid base board as opposed to a mesh board. I know it helps with ventilation in summer but are there other advantages?

    thanks guys and keep up the great work.

    Titirangi beekeeper getting fatter by eating too much of her honey…But what a way to go.

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