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Tonight we went along to the Henderson/Massey local board to present a proposal to add a local Beekeepers swarm catcher’s list, to the Auckland Council’s knowledge database, for call centre and license and compliance teams.

In the past Council staff – being unsure of what to do with swarms, often resorted to advising the caller to contact a pest control company to kill the Bees.

Obviously not the desired outcome !

These issues of swarming are well-known in the Beekeeping community, but not amongst members of the public. So, the presentation likened swarming to an overcrowding in a house and some moving out to find a new house! It’s also a great way to tell the public that Bee swarms are a natural occurrence and not a dangerous hazard!

So, Margaret, Karen and Paul have been working on a swarm catcher list and the presentation for the last couple of months, Karen was the spokesperson on the night. I went along for moral support.

On the night…..
Margaret turned up in her full Bee suit, which was a great way to bring attention to the issues that the honey Bees are facing. We also brought along some lovely Earthbound honey for the committee and members of the public to try out.

The meeting started with a minute’s silence in respect of the loss of one of the board member’s grandson, through drowning.

In the presentation Karen went over the current issues facing the Bees. The board was very impressed and the motion was carried to pass the list of swarm catchers to the Council staff.

It was interesting to hear that Assid Corban, who was a long-standing Mayor for the area and whose family are well-known vintners (Corban Wines), used to be a Beekeeper in his younger days.

Thanks to Karen, Margaret and Paul for taking the time to write-up the proposal and present to the Council.

(Margaret wants to thank Gary for taking photos : )

Going along to local board meetings is a great way to ensure that board members and members of the public, are made aware of the issues that our honey Bees are facing.

Here are all the photos:-

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