Beekeeping in Canada – We chat with Gabriel Petrut – KM020

This month we talk about beekeeping in Canada with Gabriel Petrut. Gabriel is originally from Romania. He has been living in the Mississauga, Canada for over five years and talks about some of the challenges with beekeeping in Canada.

We got a chance to talk to Gabriel a couple of weeks ago to see how he is going with his hives and what he has been up too. He has some interesting ideas about how to raise Queens also some interesting ideas for designs of hives.

Canadian FlagGabriel talked about his mini nucs during the interview, he has posted some pictures of these on his blog:- 4 mini nucs in a medium super box

I encourage you to check out his blog Nature Bee Living, for a great insight on beekeeping in Canada. Be sure to tell him that you heard the interview on the kiwimana buzz.

Here is the video of the interview as well (Sorry about the sound issues at the start)

Thanks for listening and we hope you are enjoying these interviews, we have more coming up….

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