Beekeeping Clubs in New Zealand – A Map of bee clubs near you

Here is a map of all the Beekeeping Clubs in New Zealand, it’s a handy to locate bee clubs near to where you are located or travelling.  f you want to add or update your club listing please expand this form.

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A Beekeeping club is a great place to get started with Bees, it will give you a chance to talk to more experienced beekeepers and get your hands in a hive. It’s a good way to build confidence in handling the bees, before you have any bees yourself. We encourage you to check out a beekeeping club near you.

We are members of the Auckland Bee Club, who knows we might see you there one day.

If you want the map to zoom into your location and show you clubs near to you, please turn on location services on your phone or device.

If location services don’t work use the map below to scroll to your location, click on the Bee symbol to find our more information. Most clubs have websites (Under Further Details Here) where you can find out when and where the next meeting will be held.

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Looking for a NZ Beekeepers Association

New Zealand has two Associations, which mainly focus on commercial beekeeping.

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