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This week we are talking about bastard councils and making soap from bees.

That sounds gross!…We’ll find out more

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Let’s get into the news!!!!

Beekeeping News

Beekeepers and residents frustrated after council poisons up to 50,000 bees

A local council in the suburb of Paddington in Sydney have destroyed a nest of bees, good job Paddington Bear wasn’t in town during this incident.

Residents and beekeeping authorities are frustrated after a local council sprayed an urban nest with poison, killing tens of thousands of bees, in the Sydney suburb of Paddington.

Council says it called Pest Control after a resident complained about nest

There’s plenty of people who remove beehives so I’m not sure why the council felt the need to spray it,

Doug Purdie from EP65

Beekeepers and residents frustrated after council poisons up to 50,000 bees

Your Feedback

Don MacLeod I am not sure why this is of concern. No one publishes anything when a beekeeper kills his hive or hives when AFB is detected. And a lot more hives are killed that way in NZ than solitary swarm hives that may or may not be salvageable. Lets celebrate wiping out AFB hives and we may get on top of this pathogen.
Stephen Stewart How can you get on top of a spore, review the study of Anthrax island. A tiny island in Scotland inoculated with weaponised Anthrax spore. Took them 50 years and several tonnes of bleach to finally say it was safe. This was a small land mass. Here is that story
Art Tomkinson Disgusting Who Said The Hive Had AFB
Lyle Cairns Government at its finest.
Gill Ashmead Mecoy Why do we as citizens vote for these idiots and then pay them huge salaries….IDIOTS
Bob Hinds Very sad, Honey Bees get a bad reputation from other bees. They may look threatening but they’re generally very dossal and just go about their business unless disturbed.
Kieran Christian 1 hive folks. Chill it a bit

Solid Lotion Bar Recipe

How about this….?

“…..nourish skin with a combination of beeswax and various body butters …”

This article is by Keeping Backyard Bees, “” February 12, 2018

Modern beekeepers commonly wonder what to do with all the beeswax their hives produce. Thankfully, the possibilities are endless…..

Here is a recipe to solve your dilemma and possibly any dry skin issues.

Solid Lotion Bar Recipe

Well thanks for listening to the bonus, show we will be back in August 2018 with an interview with Jim Hepburn.

Thanks…Gary and Margaret

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