Beekeepers Q&A – Happy New Year

The Beekeepers Q&A,the show on blab we attempt to answer your burning beekeeping questions.

Beeekepers Q&A - Happy New Year

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    The week we answer:-

  1. How does Oxalic Acid Kill Varroa mites
    -- Damages the mites breathing apparatus.
    -- Recent study on Oxalic Acid HERE
  2. How thick is Medium Brood Bee Comb Foundation
    -- 2mm
  3. How to Get Rid of German Wasps
    -- New pesticide “Vespex” which is only attractive to bees has been released in New Zealand.
    -- Traps
    -- Robbing Screens
    -- Check out this posts on some ideas we use HERE
    -- Great video about Vespex HERE

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