Beekeepers Q&A – End of Jan

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Beekeepers Q&A

The Beekeepers Q&A,the show on blab where we attempt to answer your burning beekeeping questions.

Sorry about the video quality at the start *it does get better*, we had some issues with our Internet connection.

If you have a question Type ‘/Q’ in the chat or select “Call In”

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Beekeepers Q&A End of Jan

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  • Tirimoana Honey 🙂
  • Victor Croker Podcast was released on Monday, Listen HERE
  • It’s been very hot in New Zealand

The week we answer:-

  • How to prepare a beehive for winter in nz Our Article
  • How to seal off the beehive entrance
  • How long to paraffin dip bee boxes -- For AFB 10 minutes at a minimum temperature range of 150 ñ 160 Celsius -- For preserving boxes 7 minutes -- We wrote an article about this HERE

Viewers Questions

  • How do I start Beekeeping
  • How do you attract bees to your garden
  • How is the UMF factor of manuka Honey Measured.
We hope you can join us next time.

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