Found a Bee Swarm, Here is what you can do?

Bee Swarms

Thanks for reading our page about Bee Swarms. You may have found a Bee swarm hanging in a tree near your house, what should you do?

First off thanks for not calling a pest controller to kill the bees, this is the last resort. It always better to contact a local beekeeper, who will be happy to rehouse the bee swarm for you.

Bees can no longer survive in the wild by themselves, due to Varroa Mites in New Zealand. Beekeepers are essential these days to keep the Bees alive.

What are Bee Swarms?

It’s a natural phenomenon….
The reason is that Bees swarm as part of their instinct to spread their genetic line so as to ensure their survival as a species. Over the ‘Bee Season’ numbers in the hive increase to around 60,000….overcrowding can trigger ‘the swarm instinct’ and you will get Bee Swarms.

Bee Swarms will naturally occur from Sep 1 until the end of the Summer months in New Zealand.

Where to find a Beekeeper?

If you are in New Zealand we maintain a list of amazing beekeepers keen to pick up swarms (listed by location), You will find this page here:-

If you are outside New Zealand, please use the Swarm Patrol site above or search for “Bee Club (Your Town)” or “Bee Association (Your Town)

*** Please don’t call a Pest Controller ***

Information to tell the Beekeeper – When you call


Wasp - photo credit: wolfpix cc
Wasp – photo credit: wolfpix cc
Honey Bee
Honey Bee

It’s important to recognise the difference between these – as WASPS can be very aggressive and dangerous ! …as they can sting again and again and again.

A swarm of BEES is generally calm while swarming as they aren’t protecting a hive, they are also full of honey…remember, their main objective is to find a new site to set-up a new hive ( generally up to 3 to 5kms from their old hive )

WASPS are YELLOW and black, BEES are ORANGE and black !

If you are sure they are wasps, then its probably better to call a pest controller to deal with the issue.

Where is the hive located?

  • Are they wasps or Bees?
  • How High is the Swarm? Would the beekeeper need to bring a ladder?
  • How long has the hive been on site?

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