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Did a quick check on the hives today, just to see how all were going. Here is what we did on each hive… Bethells 1 This hive is going from strength to strength, since we moved them from the nuc to the full sized hive. All frames have been drawn out with a few frames of capped honey. They were running out of space, so we added a second full size box on top. At this rate we may get some honey from this hive this season….yay ! Honey 1 The weather has really taken off in New Zealand, warm & humid. This hive is no different from Bethells 1, they have filled a whole 3/4 sized super with nectar in around two weeks. Wow… this hive is living up to its name. Added another level of a 3/4 sized super to the hive. Also removed half the restrictor’s from the front entrance. I used my new “frame spacer” tool that I made up the other week in the work shop, be interesting to see how the Bees go with drawing out these frames. The spacer tool allows you to use nine frames and spaces them out equally, the idea is that the bees will draw out more wax meaning more honey within the cells, then when you de-cap the frames at harvest time, you can do it in one motion, therefore there is less loss of honey through the de-capping process. After doing our DECA course last year, we discovered the need to keep better records. So we have started numbering the frames and boxes. This is so we can keep track of where our honey is coming from – any issues relating to a specific hive and recording genetic lines. This will also make it easier to track where the honey is from so in winter if we need to give extra feed – we know they are getting their own honey back – from a health perspective this is crucial and will ensure no cross-contamination if anything happens to a particular hive. I also did some spring cleaning and cleaned the hive of all the splashed mud from over Winter, I know the Bees don’t mind but it does look messy to us. We must get something on the ground to prevent this again next winter. Mokoroa 1 This NUC is picking up, but not as much as we would like to see. Margaret suggested that the NUC is too hot. So I have placed it in a full size box and added two frames of Honey from lasts years harvest. Trying to give these guys every chance we can. Our goal now is to make this strong enough to last through next winter. We don’t expect to be taking any honey from these guys this season.
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