Bee Frame Making Jig – Makes Assembling frames Easy

What is a Bee frame building jig and how can it help you Assemble wooden frames for your bees.

Building frames is a great pastime and a great way to catch up on listening to your favorite podcast as the task can be pretty tedious in my opinion 🙂

A frame building jig is a way to help you make ten frames at a time. It’s a pretty simple design with a frame and two lengths of wood, that apply tension when the frames are in the jig. We got this idea from the My Old Tools Website, here the page for the Frame Jig.

  1. To use the Frame Building Jig you simply add the frames sides too both sides of the jig then add glue (if you use it). We find the wood glue helps keep the frames together.
  2. You then add the bottom bar and nail or staple them.
  3. You then turn the whole jig upside down and add the top bars. Glue and Nail these and then remove the lengths of tensioning wood.
  4. You will then have ten frames, ready to wire and add your wax foundations.

* Other tips We find pre-drilling the nail holes, avoids the frame wood splitting.

Our frame building jig certainly helps us make all the hundreds of frames we build. How do you make your frames?

Do you use a frame building jig or do you do by hand? Please comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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