Bee Frame Holder – What is it?

New Product: Bee Frame Holder

Bee Frame Holder

We are proud to announce that we have started to sell Bee Frame Holders, the ones we are selling are made right here in West Auckland. As you know we love to support local kiwi manufacturers whenever possible. These were designed by the President of the Auckland Bee Club no less…

Sick of bending over or tripping over frames while inspecting your valuable bees, well you need a Bee Frame Holder.

A Bee Frame Holder in ActionThese will be a great addition to your toolkit that will help when you are inspecting your Bee hives, you place the Bee frame holder over the long edge of the hive box and place frames on it. This Bee frame holder, can hold up to three frames.

These Bee frame holders are zinc plated, which makes them the colour silver.

The Bee Frame Holder prevents you having to learn frames against boxes. This prevents rubbish from the ground finding its way into your bees sterile home.

These frames are designed to hold the comb in the exact same position as they would be in the hives, so you don’t have any issues with nectar or eggs dripping out onto the ground.

We also use our Frame Holder for when taking photos. This allows you to use both hands with your camera. Have you ever tried to take a photo while holder a frame of bees?

A great tool for anyone that has tripped over a frame, while inspecting their bee hives. A great addition to any beekeepers tool kit.

Do you use them, please comment below:-

2 thoughts on “Bee Frame Holder – What is it?

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    Cally Brown says:

    Just took my varroa strips out using the Kiwimana bee frame holder below and found it great. Not so much bending down, the bees seemed happier, no tripping over the darn frames, and only on the very last hive did I forget Lott’s helpful hint to remove the frame before putting the box back on :p

    My son, who used to work beekeeping, and also, as part of his current job, makes stuff at work – using steel / welding etc (I’m sure there’s a name for it) liked the idea, and when told the price, said it is a good, reasonable price for the work involved in making them.

    • Avatar photo
      Gary Fawcett says:

      Thank Cally for the comments, and we are happy that you like the frame holder. I wouldn’t inspect a hive without one these days.


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