Barry Foster – President and CEO of NBA – KM004

National Beekeepers’ Association of New Zealand (NBA)

Obviously the hosts of the workshop, with two speakers being;
Daniel Paul – CEO
Barry Foster – President

It was Daniel who kindly gave us permission to record the workshop so we took the opportunity to introduce ourselves while we were setting up the recorder.

Barry started the workshop by explaining that the government state that, “… “the varroa ‘problem’ is an industry problem” (and this term was used quite frequently throughout the day). Barry also stated that “…pollination not high on other agencies priorities…”

Barry Foster

Sadly this being the case, means that the government are not helping with any funding on any Bee research, therefore Barry as President of the NBA is asking for Beekeepers to unite and participate in forming a strategic approach.

Interestingly commercially, Barry stated that honey production contributes $100mill in exports to New Zealand’s economy but receive less than 1% from the government to assist the Beekeeping “industry“!

An interesting quote I noted when the slides were being shown…
“…economic growth without Harm to the environment…” by Sir Peter Gluckman. (I believe from the Royal Society of Venus Forum)

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