Barbecue Sauce? – KM003

The third Beekeeping Podcast podcast from the team at Kiwimana. We discuss Hot Barbecue Sauce, 65th Anniversaries and Save the Bee stop the fee.

Topics this month

Barbecue Sauce
Barbecue Sauce

Mils website and blog

Save the bee, stop the fee conclusion

What does Barbecue sauce, California and Beekeeping have in common?
Check out John and Laura honey at

Auckland Bee Clubs 65th Anniversary day

Massive beehive brings NY street to standstill!!!!
Emotive journalism strikes again!!!

Kiwimana Blog: Is the Queen in residence

The March Wintering Down blog post
See some photos of protonymphs from our Api Life Var treatment.

Mosgiel honey been sold by Morrisons supermarkets in UK
The company’s Manuka Honey and Lemon, and Manuka Honey and Root Ginger is being sold in about 420 supermarkets.

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