Auckland Bee Club Xmas BBQ 2012

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Auckland Bee Club Xmas BBQ
The Quiz in Full Swing
Over the weekend we attended the Auckland Bee Club Xmas BBQ, I’m no longer on the committee, so we went along just as members. Which meant the day was a little more relaxing :D. Sorry guys but our camera had a mark on the lens, so the photos are a bit blurry in parts. Which is a real shame, we must be more careful with our camera. It was great to catch up with everyone, who we have missed over the last few months, we have been so busy working on kiwimana that we haven’t had much of a chance to get along to many bee club meetings.
Neil, Maragret and Bruce
Frank Schuurman also had a arranged a mini meeting of all the buddies, so we hoped to meet some of the other people doing the Buddy system. The predicated weather was rain…but the weather was great. Frank couldn’t make the meeting as his house was in the path of this weeks tornado in Auckland, so he was busy cleaning up the resulting damage. But luckily he and his family are all ok. Margaret was also caught up in the tornado, she was doing a training course in Hobsonville when it struck. A palm tree branch came flying through the window. Luckily she and the rest of our family were all ok. We managed to meet some of the people in our buddies group and also meet two new buddies at the meeting, who have just got bees and are keen to learn more. There was photo contest, all the photos were great, congrats to all the winners. It was great to see some of photos were taken by kids. We then had a quiz, while the kids did a buzzy bee colouring competition.
Margaret and Photo Contest
The questions were pretty hard, but we managed to tie with another team for first place :). Thanks to the sponsors Parr industries and Buzzy Bee NZ for the providing the prizes.
Wairere 2 all ready to be moved
When we got home it was all bees as well, we inspected a hive, that we had just sold and got it ready for its travels to Henderson. These girls are are going very well, with a new queen who is laying up a storm. This is the Wairere 2 colony that we split on 28 October 2012. We also split The Whenuapai 1 colony, which has built out two boxes. So we will remove the split hive tomorrow night. All in all a busy day, and sorry again for the quality of the photos.
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    • Gary Fawcett says:

      Thanks Emma for the feedback, yep its crazy that you guys are in snow at Christmas. Christmas here is all about the beach, BBQ’s and of course Bees. Have a great christmas Emma…Gary

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