Auckland Bee Club Meeting – Cut Comb Demonstration

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I went to the Auckland Bee Club today, great day and the weather was very sunny. Got a little sunburnt must try to get a spot next time with some shade.

The day had a lot of new Bee Keepers come along which was great to see.

Managed to meet Rocky who is a new Bee Keeper that doesn’t live far from us, it was great to meet him after so far only talking via email. He was very excited today get his first Bees.

Also meet up with the famous Rodney again from Just Add Worms, will bring the magazine next time Rodney.

Todays Topics were

  • Supering up
  • Thermo regulation of bees
  • Tutu and Samples
  • Easy extraction – Bucket extractor
  • Cut Comb Demonstration

Ed, one the members has set up a community based Workshop for people to share tools to make things, for example to make Bee Hives. Great if you don’t have your own workshop or the space to create a workshop. If you are in the Auckland Area check out their website

Also of interest today was the New Club Top Bar hive that Martin is managing, this seemed very popular among the club members.

It’s always great to attend the Bee Club Field days, I would recommend you look at getting involved in your local Bee Club.

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