Auckland Bee Club and New Bees

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Today I went along to the Mid Month Auckland Bee Club meeting, the discussion was based on swarms, which was run by Dennis a very experienced bee-keeper.

These mid monthly meetings are more about getting together with like-minded people, that also love bees.

On my way home I went around to Franks house to check out a swarm he had retrieved, the bees were very strong indeed. Franks house has a great view of the sea and I’m sure his bees must love the location. We will be picking up our new bees tomorrow night :).

We also checked out our Swarm Lure and wow it has a strong swarm living in it, so hopefully we will have three hives again (Double Smiles) 😀 :D.

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Here is a video of the swarm in the box:-

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3 thoughts on “Auckland Bee Club and New Bees

  1. Gina says:

    you really caught a swarm of bees?? thats amazing. i have a swarm i caught that you can take of my hands. it was from my hive. call me Gina at home 8492233 or 0272986982.

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