A Weekend of Beekeeping Clubs In Auckland

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Margaret and Peter Smith
Margaret and Peter Smith

Well off we went….the weather didn’t look too good but we love going to Bee club meetings and catching-up plus we had some orders to be delivered by the ‘Bee Club Express’ free delivery for our customers …first club on Saturday the ‘Auckland Bee Club’ and on Sunday, road-trip to second club the ‘Franklin Beekeepers Club’.

Saturday – Auckland Beekeepers club

Mini Beekeepers at the ABC

Well the weather was challenging at the meeting, just before the speakers were going to start the heavens opened up and we were all huddled in the back under umbrellas.

We wore our new ‘kiwimana’ caps which were a hit with a few people approaching us asking… “Are you those kiwimana guys ?”. so great to catch-up with you guys, you know who you are 🙂

We went home as we were soaked…. unfortunately we heard later that a few cars got stuck in the mud, but luckily team-effort helped get them out.

Our New Hats
Our New caps
created a laugh and as usual we had a great time talking to everyone at the meetings, there were some guests, one was Grant from Revolutionary beekeeping talking about his new extraction company unfortunately we missed him but he was also going to the Franklin bee club on the Sunday.

Sunday – Franklin Beekeepers club

Well it was still raining (I don’t think it stopped!). We left home early on Sunday, after a late night of watching the All Blacks beat South Africa. Go the All Blacks!!

The club had the advantage of being based in an old cow shed, so we were a lot dryer. Speakers included Peter Smith who went over the hive splitting process that we documented HERE

Grant Explains Extraction Method

Next up was Grant Engel from Revolutionary beekeeping to discuss his new extraction method. I think this would be useful for hobby and semi commercial beekeepers, that want to make some extra money from their honey. He has designed a great device to extract the honey with one simple action. The honey can then be couriered back to his extraction plant and you are paid per bucket perhaps something that would interest you?

Grants company handles all the Tutin testing and he can even do Mankau testing for you. It seems like a great concept, Grant has said he may be keen to come on the show in the future to discuss his extraction method and his beekeeping.

Here is video from Grant:-

Also Greg talked about a large langstroth Hive box for use as a brood box.

It was great to see so many people attending the meetings, even with the inclement weather…excellent : )

We gave out a few compact discs of our recent podcast, so hopefully we will get some new listeners for the show :). Thanks to the club’s for both providing enjoyable (even with the rain) meetings, Cheers.

Here are some photos of the days:-

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