A tale of three stings – A funny swarm story

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This is a story from last year that we have finally got around to releasing, sorry it took a while we needed to build up courage to print it 😀

Well what happened tonight was an interesting and funny swarm story, it involves Bees swarms and Bee stings :D…

It all started when I was saying good bye to our good friend “Rocky” and I noticed in the bush above the driveway, was a large bee swarm hanging in the trees.

Well I guess the swarm must have come from one of our hives. But that won’t be easy to say, until we inspect all our hives. So these bees could be an import, looking for a new home.

Well they were around six metres up, hanging in a vine tree, with no large trees around it, and under them was quite a steep slope. My first thought was to put a hive underneath them and then shake them into it. But no box would stay on its base, the slope was just too steep.

So the rough plan was to place our trusty swarm sheet on the ground and shake the bees into it, there was much discussion between myself and Margaret on what the best way to tackle this swarm would be. This became a heated discussion, as to what’s the best way to retrieve them.

So I wasn’t in the greatest moods, which as any beekeeper will tell you is not the best time to approach an instinct driven insect like the honey bee.

We shook the bees onto the swarm sheet and then the fun started.

First off some bees spilled out onto the ground when I lifted up the sheet, luckily just a handful.

As luck would have it, as I carried the bees down the steep hill, my pants fell down. Which isn’t a great thing to happen, especially while you are carrying a large sheet full of bees. At this point I was stung on my stomach “ouch!!”. I guess it could have been in a whose spot :).

Anyway we managed to get them housed in a new box and the hive is doing very well.

Moral of the story never approach bees with your pants down or if you are in a bad mood…

Making mistakes in beekeeping since 2009, so you don’t need to :).

Welcome to kiwimana, Wairere one found zero km’s from HQ.

2 thoughts on “A tale of three stings – A funny swarm story

    • Gary Fawcett says:

      Thanks Emma, you too as well. Been loving your blog as well. Love the stories of bees mixed with stories of great cake at your bee club.

      We mist make the effort and visit London again and of course bring some cake.

      Have a great Christmas Emma…Gary and Margaret

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